About The Art Foundation

About The Art Foundation (est. 2012) The Art Foundation is an artist collective based in Dallas, with current members Andrew Douglas Underwood, Ryder Richards, and Lucia Simek. Formed as an investigative endeavor employing open intellectual practices, the group aims to cultivate artistic dialogue in Dallas through concise critical and aesthetic explorations in the form of … Continue reading About The Art Foundation


Fountainhead April 14-15, 2012 Opening reception Saturday, April 14, 6-9 pm The Gibson Company Lofts, 824 Exposition Ave. #6, Dallas (MAP) For its inaugural curated exhibition, Fountainhead, The Art Foundation has solicited the alteration of various photographic iterations of Marcel Duchamp’s readymade, Fountain, by a number of local and international artists. The altered images have been compiled in an … Continue reading Fountainhead